Monday, 1 August 2016

Unique Baby Names

I am a big fan of unique names for children, growing up having one myself. "Brenna" wasn't very common and I've only met a few in my life. I enjoyed having a name that was different but not to crazy to spell or say. I have put together a collection of unique baby names that hopefully will inspire you to name your new little bundle(s) of joy. Check back as I update often ;) Also see names for twins here.


Aberdeen, Alloa, Amara, Amina, Anik, Anise, Andorra, Anja, Aquina, Archer, Aria, Aspen, Astor, Aurora, Austrea, Aveya, Aysia

Bardot, Berlin, Blakely, Braesha, Breslin, Briar, Brinley, Britten, Bronwyn, Bryn

Cabrea, Cadence, Cali, Calista, Camen, Camden, Camryn, Celica, Chai

Daphne, Demia, Denae, Destry, Devlyn, Daniella, Drea

Eden, Emery, Emerson , Esme, Estelle, Estée, Ever

Farrah, Farelle, Fern, Fiona, Flora, Franchessa

Gemma, Georgiana, Gia, Giana, Gracia, Greta

Harlow, Harper, Havana, Hinewai, Honor

Illyanna, Irelyn, Iris, Islaya

Jalaine, Jaspar, Jeniah, Juelle, Junix

Kaedra, Kalyn, Kalise, Karma, Kashia, Kennedy, Kenya, Kenzie, kyah

Laken, Lennon, Leyten, Liberty, Livia, Lola, Luca

Malia, Malin, Maline, Marchessa, Mara, Maris, Marina, Marnie, Marlo, Matlin, Mattea, Menorah, Miam, Mika, Milan, Millar, Milynn, Minka, Mishka, Monaco, Monroe, Morelia, Myla

Nasha, Naya, Neah, Neha

Oliya, Onya, Owyn

Paighten, Paige, Paisley, Petal, Phaedra, Pilar, Presley, Preslyn

Quinn, Quinley

Raina, Reece, Reah, Rowyn

Sabelle, Sage, Seline, Shella, Simona, Simone, Sloane, Soleil, Stasia, Stella, Storie

Talia, Taleeda, Taminae, Taryn,  Tegan, Temper, Tenaya, Tenielle, 
Tenley, Teslin, Teyden, Thereze, Tivian, Tori, Torin, 


Veda, Venza, Vera, Vinka

Willow, Willa, Wynter


Zarah, Zedaya 


Abbot, Abel, Allister, Archer, Avery

Baron, Benson, Bentley, Bodhi, Braxton, Briston, Britton, Bronson, Bryce, Bryton

Cable, Cade, Callum, Carson, Carter, Cash, Cashius, Cashton, Cason, Cayne, Cohl, Cooper, Costello

Damon, Dane, Darco, Dayton, Deacon, Decklyn, Devlin, Dion, Drake, Dom

Elias, Eli, Elijah

Ford, Franco

Gabe, Gage, Gracen

Haden, Heston, Holden, Hudson, Hyde

Isaiah, Isham

Jasper, Jaxon, Jonas, Jones, Judd, Jude

Kade, Kael, Kane, Keaton, Kingsley, Kosta, Kyden, Kye

Landon, Laine, Laydon, Ledger, Lincoln, Locklan, Loden, Lundon, 

Macallister, Macklyn, Marek, Marshall, Miller, 

Nash, Nixon, Nolan

Oden, Ollie

Paxton , Peirce, Penn

Quin, Quinton

Renfrew, Rhett, Roan, Ronin, Rome, Roman, Rylan, Rocklan, Ronson, 

Sawyer, Seth, Shea, Shad, Shamus, Silas, Solomon, Sorrano, Spencer, Stephan, Surin

Torrin, Tyson


Walker, Weston

Zen, Zane

Updated Aug 1, 2016

Friday, 1 January 2016

Infant Schedules ~ feeding and napping routines for babies and twins for the first year

I have been meaning to post this for a while now as these routines were a bible for me and had my kids sleeping through the night by 3 months old and ever since! Thanks to the book 'A Contented House with Twins' - Please note is says "twins" and 'breast-feeding' but the routines work with 1, 2 or any number of babies, and with bottle feeding as well.

The routines start at 2 weeks as it is pretty hard to have much of a schedule prior to this point and some times weight and other factors affect when to implement a routine so consult your doctor first. I adjusted the times a bit to fit my household but kept the timing.

As with all 'advice' take it with a grain of salt and only use what works for you and your little one(s) as every baby is different and being a new mom is challenging. I sometimes adjusted the schedule by 15 mins to an hour if the twins were sleeping in. This is just a guideline, hope it helps!