Tuesday, 25 March 2014

What to Bring to the Hospital for Delivery

To be super prepared for your trip to the hospital to deliver your little bundle(s) of joy, 'they'  suggest to pack 3/4 bags.

For the hospital:

1. For Mom
Pre Delivery
- Health care card and insurance forms
- ear plugs
- soothing music
- distractions to pass time - movies, magazines, pen and paper
- robe, housecoat and/or sweater
- socks 2- 3 pairs
- slippers
- toiletries and personal items; lip balm, lotion, brush, tooth brush, deodorant, contact solution, shampoo conditioner (travel size is best), hair tie
- sugar-free candies to keep mouth moist during labour (sugar candies will make you thirsty)

- extra pillow
- bath towel + hair dryer
- swim suit (for the shower, if you like)
- mini fan

This bag can then go back in the car after birth and bring in the following items:

2. Post Delivery
- nursing bra (Bravado brand is great but pricey, Thyme sells more affordable ones)
- breast pads
- breast pump (if you want them to show you how to use it)
- button up comfy pj's (as it is cold at night and you have to take your gown off to nurse), night gown that can be ruined
- maternity/full bum under wear (6 pairs-pads don't work well in thong)
- heavy flow maxi pads (over night with wings - you will need to wear for a few weeks after vaginal delivery)
- a comfortable (and cute) outfit (for pictures when leaving)

3. For baby
- pacifiers/soothers
- swaddle/receiving blankets (hospital has some but nice to have your own good quality ones)
- undershirts (3)
- a couple newborn size sleepers  (zipper instead of snaps, with feet if possible)
- newborn size socks
- hats
- scratch mittens
- 5-10 newborn/infant diapers (Pampers Swaddlers are great) and wipes    
- a warm blanket
- seasonally appropriate out door gear
- plastic bag for laundry

4. For Dad
- energy drinks, popcicles and food (for mom and him as he maybe getting a work out supporting mom through labour)
- a change of clothes and hygiene products
- a swim suit (if he decides to join Mom in the shower/tub)
- labour tools to help mom (massage tools, oils, tennis balls, hot/cold compress, etc)
-list of comfort techniques for mom (here through maternity book)
- ear plugs
- change for vending machines
- cell phone and charger
- camera w extra batteries, memory card
- music
- movies/I pad
- gum

Make sure car seat(s) are in the car and you know how to properly secure baby in it (the hospital won't let you leave without checking)

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