Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Nanny In The Clouds

If I find my self traveling alone with the twins I will be utilizing this service for sure!

Launched in 2011, Nanny in the Clouds was born after a mom took a flight from the West Coast to the East Coast with her very energetic 2 year old. "How do parents fly alone with more than one child?" she thought. Frazzled by flying with just one bouncy kid, she thought of how much easier it would be if she had an extra set of hands.

Looking around the airplane, somewhere over Texas, she saw many friendly faces; people she thought might be able to help her keep her child entertained and keep tears at bay. A lightbulb flashed! Aha! A Nanny service that provides parents flying alone or together the option of traveling with a Nanny. Prior to Nanny in the Clouds, if you wanted to travel with a Nanny, you would have to cover her plane ticket cost as well as her time. With our matching site, you are only responsible for the $10 matching fee as well as the cost of your Nanny's time.

You can sign up as a Parent looking for help on board or as a Babysitter looking to help out. Genius!

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