Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Unique Baby Names ~ Twins

I personally, am a big fan of unusual and unique names for children, growing having one myself, "Brenna". I enjoyed having a name that was different but not to crazy to spell or say. I have put together a collection of unique baby names and potential twin combos that hopefully inspire you to name your new little bundles of joy. Check back as I update often ;)
Some popular stragetiges for naming twins is using names with the same meanings, anagrams (same letters rearranged), reversing names, choosing names that rhyme or sound the same, names that start with the same letter or names that have no connection at all.
Some different twin combos
Girl + Boy
Archer + Ryder 
 Bryn + Fin
Emma + Elliott
Isla + Isaiah 
 Montana + Dakota
Nadia + Aiden
Olivia + Oliver
Sydney + Dallas

Boy + Boy
Aiden + Ethan
Carter + Carson
Dane + Laine
Hayden + Hunter
Jacob + Noah
Liam + Lynden
Lincoln + Macklin
Rowan + Cohen

Girl + Girl
Aspen + Willow
Bardot + Monroe
Berlin + Ireland/Irelyn
Denae + Demia
Georgia + Jersey
Harper + Harlow
Ivy + Iris
Jade + Ruby
Lexi + Lola
Liberty + Honor
Mckenna + Kennedy
Regan + Tegan

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