Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Baby Room ~ nursery

Decorating a nursery for the first time is exciting an important part of the nesting process for new parents. Providing a room that is comfortable and functional is important for Mom, Dad and Baby and will make life much easier for the parents.

Choosing the perfect look for your nursery can be overwhelming. Picking a theme with the typical gender specific colors is easy but not necessary practical, especially if you plan on having future children utilize the same space. Keep in mind this a fairly short phase in the child life so it is much more versatile to decorate nurseries in gender neutral colors. Using neutral colors like yellows, greens, browns and grays make it easier to redecorate the room and transition the space as the child grows.

Choosing specific accessories and bold accents for the room is a great option rather than using more permanent decorations like detailed wall paper or limiting paint colors. Placing accessories like quotes, letters or family photos can make the room more comfortable and inviting while still making it personal. 
The furniture in the room should be sturdy and functional. Aside from the obvious crib and changing area, there should be a good amount of storage in the room. There should also be a comfortable area for the parents and the time that they will be spending in the nursery.

If you have limited space or have multiples there are other great options available like combo or fold away furniture, closet organizers and shelving units. Also twins can often share a crib. Borrowing or buying gently used items is a great way to save some money as well.
Love the murphy change table in this room!

A great nursery and kids room designer in Calgary is Jamie at Half Pint Interiors, they have a number of packages to choose from and do a great job!

Happy Designing!

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